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 -  Future Now 2022

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.

Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom,

West Midlands Train Station

Designer: Charlene K Patterson


Genuinely caring about the people we design for in the community is about gaining knowledge of the user's culture and journey. Material culture is an object humans use to survive and define social relationships representing parts of their identity and benefiting people's state of mind. Material culture tells of the relationships between people and their things, including sound, smell, events and texture. Some of the possibilities of creating such an environment are through cross-cultural design & cultural activities. Designing a Community Arts Centre will allow different activities and cultures to take place in one space for the people of Sheffield and others who pass through the train station. They will be able to use the location and facilities, encouraging people to share and understand each other through sharing spaces.

The Commmunity Art Station
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