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Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom. 

Designer: Charlene K Patterson

Art Station


The Client wanted to extend her living space into the garden; She wanted an outside area where she could spend extensive amounts of time. She communicated her love of raised beds, plants and trees; however, she wanted a low Maintainance garden she didn't have to manage over time yet enough to keep her active in the garden. Faux grass and potted plants were introduced to keep growth to a minimum, Her existing plants and trees have been considered, and extra has been added to allow room for them to grow and look naturally mature. She also asked for a space her grandchildren could come and relax on the weekends and a space she could entertain in the evenings.

Ferry Meadows 2022 h_edited_edited.jpg

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+44 (0) 7925 692 041

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire 

" The world is but a canvas to our imagination. "

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