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cozy warm home interior of a chic country house with an open plan, wood finishes, warm col

CeeK Design Studio.



Are you stuck making decisions for your home, struggling to choose the perfect colour scheme and fixtures for your space or finding it challenging to select the right furniture and furniture layout?


Individuals or families seeking to enhance their interiors and willing to do the work themselves. Maybe your renovation project is ending, and you're left with a blank canvas, struggling to see colours, textures and finishes together and don't know how to make your space cohesive.


We can help you with those detailed decisions that can often be the most challenging.


Through in-depth conversations, we provide expert guidance to transform your space. Whether you need help selecting furniture or artwork, tackling decor challenges such as wallcoverings or making choices about colour schemes, window treatments, lighting or flooring, Our service is your solution to confidently navigate those steps, ensuring your home reflects your style and preferences.



We begin by sending you a detailed questionnaire to gain insights into your lifestyle, design dilemmas, and space requirements. This helps us understand your unique needs and aspirations for your home.

CREATIVE CONSULTATION: We delve deep into your home and design challenges. You share your dilemmas, and we provide expert advice and innovative solutions tailored to your space via a Zoom call.


DESIGN PRESENTATION: We will present you with a digital representation of design ideas Including, your 2D Floor Plan with furniture and spatial planning with clickable links to recommended furniture, colour palettes, concept boards, and all the elements discussed during our consultation.


E-DESIGN DOCUMENT: Following our presentation, you will receive an outline of actionable steps to move forward with your design project. We ensure that you have clear solutions to implement the suggested changes.


AFTERCARE: We provide a 30-minute follow-up call to address any questions regarding the design documentation to ensure you fully understand the final proposal.

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Living Room Concept Board

"I contacted Charlene, who listened to the problems I was facing. The process was excellent, with the different layouts and colour palettes " 



  • Design Questionnaire

  • 60-minutes of Creative Design Consultation

  • 60-minutes Design Presentation

  • E-Design Document

  • Follow up Call


cozy warm home interior of a chic country house with an open plan, wood finishes, warm col

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+44 (0) 7925 692 041

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire 

" The world is but a canvas to our imagination. "

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