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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom. 

Designer: Charlene K Patterson


The whole section of The Bespoke Tea House was designed to house a young adult, creating bespoke furniture throughout that allowed her to utilise the space according to her needs. Within the space is housed a mini kitchen, as well as an ensuite Bathroom with a full-size bath and an overhead shower leading off the Double bedroom and a Living room with Bespoke cabinetry. The living room opens onto the courtyard, which is complemented by the large gridded windows that allow light to come flooding through, as well as keeping her connected to the main house; however, on days when she needs privacy, the frosted glass system will assist her with all the privacy she needs, The frosted glass will still allow light to come flooding through.


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+44 (0) 7925 692 041

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire 

" The world is but a canvas to our imagination. "

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