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The Power of Colour.

Colour has the power to make a big difference in your home. With little time and money choosing a colour to paint your walls, doors or furniture is one of the ways to freshen up your home. It can be overwhelming having so many shades to choose from to the point where you become reluctant to start. However, It doesn't have to be hard.

Choose the #colours you love and you are halfway to making your home look renewed. If you are having difficulty picking a colour look in your wardrobe or around your home at your favourite things, that's usually a good indication of where you can start.

Start ordering paint samples and do the process of elimination the more time you spend with the colour, the more you will be able to rate it or not. Bathe them in the sun and put them in the dark, colour has the ability to change throughout the day, so remember to move them around. Get to know them. Yes, colours have characters and personalities, just like a family tree each colour will have a relationship with the next.

According to Sue Lilly in her book on Colour therapy "On a mental level, the drive to start new projects and to create foundations for new business is related to Red". Maybe colour is a way of knowing what is missing in our lives.

So whether we wear more red to ramp us up for that business meeting or a subtle blue to calm us down on our travels, within our homes, does it affect our mood?

Using a Green colour for your children's room to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of security can only benefit their health & well-being, with that in mind I believe colour contributes to how we use our rooms.

Are you attracted to a particular colour and resistant to another, or has your colour palette changed over time? I believe it is about the psychology of colour and how it makes us feel, We know that our experiences have the power to shape us however, how can we use colour to shape our lives?

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