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Welcome to my first blog post. I am Charlene, Founder of CeeK Design Studio. I just wanted to give you an insight into my Journey. I have a creative spirit, from a performing artist to a self-taught seamstress. My passion for Architecture & Interior Design surfaced when I started my inner healing, bittersweet but needed. My life changed after taking a leap of faith. Looking at my environment & my mindset, I altered my surroundings & way of thinking. One foot in front of the other, I started to feel lighter & more positive. From a different perspective, I explored my creative side deeper by studying an A-Level in Art & Design.


Interior Design Style

Learning myself again, I fell in love with Interior Architecture & Design! The whole subject resonated with me. From Timeless designs & period features to Classic, Minimalist, Chic Interiors with Biophilic surroundings. An obvious option now, but I never thought all the Vector software I had bought for fun would be something I would do as a passion. You don't need a degree to become an interior designer; however, Learning myself, the value & meaning behind interiors & how it all relates to the way we live, I needed to learn more & do more.


How I Became an Architectural Interior Designer

In 2019 I committed myself to study for my BA Hons in Interior Architecture & Design at Sheffield Hallam University. Alongside my studies, in September 2020, CeeK Design was born. In addition to studying, Jo-Chrobak mentored me in her online Interior Design Business School. I wanted to understand how to expand my skills to conduct and execute a successful business.

In July 2022, I Graduated with First-Class Honours in Interior Architecture & Design. My Final Project, "The Community Art Station", won the Award for Future-now of 2022 for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and is shortlisted in the Interior Educators Reform-2022 category of social justice, addressing the issues of equity, fundamental human rights, and dignity for all.


Finishing my degree makes me feel keen and excited for the next segment; it has been a journey and a half. Whilst celebrating my achievements, I am now working as a freelance Architectural Interior Designer with Ranbir Lal Architecture & Design. My accomplishments and different project stages, from visiting the client, surveying the site and drawing plans, bring a smile to my face. Having first-hand experience working alongside Architects, Structural Engineers, Interior Designers, and Tradespeople is music to my ears. I'm not going to lie; I have been busy; however, I appreciate and enjoy the entire process. The Journey has been an invaluable experience that has allowed me to hone my craft and gain experience in real-life projects. The Journey has just begun, and I look forward to implementing the knowledge I have in CeeK Design Studio.

What to expect from CeeK Design Studio

Through CeeK Design Studio, I aspire to create environments that will benefit a person's health & well-being, which will mentally & physically be uplifting. I seek to make my customers feel good by listening to their design dilemmas, transforming their surroundings and providing individuals with the tools they need to get their dream homes off the ground. What are your design dilemmas? Comment below and let me know.

Here on our blog, I will share project updates and ways to make your home come to life. I deliver residential and commercial interior design services to clients in the Sheffield & Yorkshire area and work with clients across the UK via my online design service.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post. Don't forget to comment below & Subscribe so you don't miss the next post; until then, you can find me on Instagram @Charlene_K_Patterson see you all soon.



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